Fusible Interlinings

We offer a comprehensive range of fusible interlinings which are available in greige and bleached (white) form. We offer our interlinings that are technically fit to different types of leathers.

Crimping Cloth

We precisely work on making the right crimping material for our customers who finds our special knitted fabrics to have excellent crimping features.


Our wide range of lining material in different colours, designs, texture and pattern are processed cautiously so that the originality remains the same. The same are also available in laminated version with backers, ranging from non-woven, foam, wadding or other special material, as per customer requirement.


Spacers are one of the most popular materials used in production of sports shoes. We have a very wide range of spacer fabrics with varied construction, thickness, appearance and colour. Our spacers have excellent resiliency and widely used by our reputed shoe manufacturers.

Non-woven Fabrics

Non-woven fabrics have generally very soft and cushioning feel and are mainly used in footwear lining. After processing technically, we make the fabric useable for footwear. Non-wovens are mainly fused with fabric as per the requirement of clients.This is available in different colors like white, black etc.

Strobel Material

Our strobel material has a soft and cushioning effect and is widely used by our customers. It is flexible and thus gives soft and comfortable feel on wearing. At the same time, it is also hard and solid to protect from any distortion of shoe sole.

Our unique strobel material has high stability and seam-holding capability during critical shoe-making process.


We offer a wide assortment of upper material that is durable and weather resistant. Available in wide spectrum of colours, our range of upper materials are widely demanded by the footwear manufactures. Our range of upper materials includes Canvas, Denims, Satins, Chequered designs, etc.

Our fabric shoe uppers are made of superior quality raw materials some of which are water resistant (produced on demand). Our shoe uppers are for adults as well as kids.

Leather Imitations & Micro Fibre Fabrics

Our leather imitation material is very soft and durable to be used in footwear. It has others qualities too which the original leather have like flexibility, permeability, abrasion resistance, adhesion properties, etc.

Our micro fibre material can be used for manufacturing bags, shoes and other products. This material is generally used as heel grip of shoes. The position of heel grip is very critical as the maximum abrasion takes place in this area. Our leather imitation / micro fibre material has high abrasion properties.

Fur Linings

We offer this unique article for lining purpose for shoes, especially in long boots. These linings are available in natural as well as synthetic versions. These linings also find usage in hand bags and jackets.

Water Proof Membranes

Our membrane provides unbeatable level of breathability. By means of physio-chemical process (diffusion), the membrane transports moisture away from the body and at the same time it is waterproof. This quality of membranes makes it different and excellent to be used in shoes and jackets. Our membranes are environmental friendly. They have a special property of stretching more than their original length and width.

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